sj's screen

May 5 - May 11, 2019

This week I

  1. deployed a test Fry Tally for testing in-app payments
  2. fixed up Fry Tally’s purchasing UI
  3. recorded two screencasts of working on Fry Tally
  4. started editing one screencast
  5. made a YouTube Channel: SJ’s Screens
  6. finalized and ordered Sour Heart sticker and pin designs

What I learned

  1. The basics of adding and splitting video and audio clips to ShotCut.


  1. This series of ShotCut tutorials. So far have watched a couple and they’ve been helpful.
  2. Oh Pin Studio - local pin makers I’m ordering my sour heart pins with.


Fry Tally’s Purchasing UI
A gif of a mouse hovering over options to buy in Fry Tally

Fry Tally Screencast in ShotCut
A screenshot of a video editor showing Fry Tally.

A YouTube Channel!?!?
A screenshot of a YouTube Channel with the name SJ's Screen.

Sour Heart Skull + Fly Traps sticker
A skull with a gummy worm on it next to fly traps with gummy worms on them.

Sour Heart Cat Skull + Roses sticker
Two cat skulls and two roses with gummy worms all over them.

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