road trip!

March 24 - March 30, 2019

This week I

  1. went on a road trip with some friends to CA
  2. took a butt load of pictures
  3. illustrated a venus fly trap + gummy worm

What I learned

  1. if you’re going to road trip and camp, it’s very very very very important to pack in an organized manner. otherwise, your car will be a f*cking mess by the end.
  2. it is still cold in the mountains in March.


Textures of Thor’s Well
a gif of frothy water and rocky shore

A magnified view of ice at the Exploratorium
Water freezing

Sunset on the road, over Klamath Lake
a sunset over some mountains and a lake

Venus fly trap + worm
Illustration of a venus fly trap with a gummy worm lounging on its stem

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