worms worms worms

March 17 - March 23, 2019

This week I

  1. drew a recap sketch for the previous week
  2. drew gummy worms crawling out of/around various objects
  3. practiced shading

What I learned



  1. recap sketch for last week
    A drawing of a fence with various decor like french fries and dog faces on it

  2. gummy worm + skull
    human skull with a gummy worm lounging over the bridge of the nose

  3. gummy worm + rose
    a rose with a gummy worm wrapped around its stem

  4. gummy worm + cat skull
    cat skull with a gummy worm crawling out of its eye socket and one resting on top of it

  5. all the worms + objects w/ revised colors
    a human skull, a cat skull, a rose, and a human heart with gummy worms crawling over them

  6. shading practice
    Sketches of apples and boxes and squares shaded from light to dark
    Sketches of hair, a doll, a ribbon, and a stone

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