So Many Cats

March 3 - March 9, 2019

This week I

  1. drew a recap sketch for the previous week
  2. drew a cat every day Monday-Friday
  3. added settings to Fry Tally to let users change the font and background colors

What I learned


Recap sketch
A drawing of an app with pictures of clothes and houses and furniture

Fry Tally before!
The old Fry Tally - with a red background.

Fry Tally with a shiny new settings panel
The new Fry Tally - with a white background and a settings panel.

Changing the colors!
Fry Tally settings colors being changed.

An illustration of a pink cat with white polka dots

An illustration of a white cat

An illustration of cats floating in the sky like clouds

An illustration of a green cat looking off to its side

A pattern of purple and green cats

An illustration of a white and purple cat

An illustration of a black cat with green eyes

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